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Tescoma© Table Glass - FAME - 6PCS

Elegant glasses for serving drinks. Made of resistant clear glass. 6 PCS Dimensions: Capacity 280 ml - Height 9 cm
Price 13,500 FCFA
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Tescoma© Table Glass - VERA - 6PCS

6 PCS Material: Glass Capacity: 300 ml / 350 ml Dishwasher safe Color: Transparent
Price 9,000 FCFA Regular price
15,000 FCFA -40%

Tescoma© Decorating Stencils - 6 PCS

Excellent for stylishly decorating the froth on a cup of cappuccino; put the chosen stencil on the cup or hold it just above...
Price 5,900 FCFA

Tescoma© Cooling Bag

Excellent for maintaining the ideal temperature of refrigerated drinks in hot summer. Excellent for serving white and rose...
Price 9,900 FCFA

Tescoma© GinTonic Spoon - 2 PCS

Excellent for making gin and tonic; the handle with spiral and funnel make sure that bubbles do not escape when pouring tonic...
Price 3,750 FCFA

Tescoma© Cocktail Spoon - 3 PCS

Excellent for stylishly serving cocktails, mixed beverages with fruits, ice, etc. Insert the spoon into the glass, take hold...
Price 4,950 FCFA

Tescoma© Muddler with Spoon - "MY DRINK"

Excellent for preparing drinks and cocktails in pitchers TEO and for serving them. Insert the muddler into the handle of the...
Price 8,900 FCFA

Tescoma© Cocktail Muddler

Excellent for making Mojito, Caipirinha and other cocktails where ingredients are crushed directly in the glass. Made of...
Price 6,900 FCFA

Tescoma© Cup Tag - 6 PCS "MY DRINK"

Excellent for easy differentiation between mugs, cups, etc. Choose a leaf and run it through the ear of the cup and tighten...
Price 4,900 FCFA

Tescoma© Glass Tags - 12 PCS

Excellent tags for easy differentiation between glasses, cups, etc. Attach the chosen tag to the smooth outer surface of a...
Price 7,900 FCFA

Tescoma© Glass Lids - FAME

Lids for drinking glasses FAME; a drink in an enclosed glass is perfectly safe from insects and dirt. The opening in the lid...
Price 3,950 FCFA

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